Boost your Google position


3 great tips to boost your google position organically

Trying to boost your google position is like a being a male peacock showing its feathers off to female peacocks. Hoping she’ll notice him, and pick him. You want your website to look and work like a male peacock’s feathers. So that it’s noticed by google! It’s the art of attraction but not human attraction, algorithm attraction – yes, it’s a thing!

But how?

Google is an ever growing and ever changing ‘thing’ and it’s hard to keep up to date with all the changes. (Imagine the female peacock changing her mind about what she likes. And if someone else doesn’t like it she won’t either – changing daily) So, we have come up with 3 tips to help you boost your presence in google. Even with all the changes it makes!

Tip 1 Speed, speed, speed

At the moment, if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load then people click off it and they’ll go to a different website (and hate yours), this is also referred to as ‘bouncing’. It’s a double negative they don’t see your brilliant stuff AND google thinks its rubbish because they didn’t stay or want more info etc.  A Website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load may have one or many things wrong with it. From what we know from our previous clients is it’s often the images on the website aren’t sized in the right way, and it’s too much for the website to load. So, to prevent this, make sure you have the right sized images.

REMEMBER when we Google we lose all patience and want things to be there instantly so test your speed.

Tip 2 relevant content, images and videos

If your website is about selling tractors you don’t want to have half of the website talking about cameras taking pictures of tractors. It won’t make sense to a human let alone google. Make sure what you write about is all relevant to your brand and if you can’t think of a way to connect it, don’t write about it! It’s the same with images and videos, don’t have a picture of a camera on a page all about tractors.

For clarity things need to be in order and labelled in the correct way. This instructs Google of the logical order and importance of the bits that make up your content, so it can find what its looking for.

So, on this website we humans see this

And an algorithm sees this


REMEMBER to tell google what order people should be reading your things in and label everything or it can’t see it.


Tip 3 Blogs, blogs and more blogs

Writing a blog may seem like a boring or unimportant aspect of a website to some, you think who’s interested and who on earth wants to read it! Yet it does help to boost your google position. If you did a blog once a week for example, google will realise that your website has something new and good to say and so will start to bring you up. It thinks because you have new stuff about say tractors then you actually must know your stuff.

But like we said before, make sure its relevant! Talk about you, your business, how you started it, if you make something talk about the process. If your selling tractors talk about what people need to look for to make sure they’re getting a good tractor.

Google snippets love lists and stats so 5 things to look for in a tractor or blue versus red when buying a tractor. We are as you can tell not experts in this field!

REMEMBER keep it fresh and new and interesting.

These are some tips to help boost your google position organically, this is also known as SEO (search engine optimisation) if you have the budget you can do PPC (pay per click) which is where you pay money and google puts you at the top, but we suggest starting off growing and improving your website organically its investment into the future.

If you need any more advice or help on all things Google, please contact us