Understanding Advertising

These days people everywhere are always exposed to adverts every day. Furthermore, they can appear anywhere from walking down the street, in a taxi or even in a toilet cubicle. It is beneficial for any business to understand how to advertise in an effective way.

What is advertising?

To put it simpler terms advertising is an attempt to encourage people’s attention towards their products or services. In business, the goal of advertising is to attract new customers by appealing to a target audience and reaching out to them with advert campaigns.

What is it used for?

Adverts are typically used to draw attention to the promotional advert. They help to bring forth the positive aspects of the product or service so that people are more likely to turn their attention towards it.

What are the different types of advertising?

There are many different types that you can use to your advantage. For example, advertising on social media is an excellent way to promote a business’s products or services for little to no cost. Additionally, social media would work well if your target audience is around the 18-25 age bracket. Radio Advertising can be effective for businesses too. A catchy jingle and a quick tag line are as rememberable as a visual advert. Radio adverts are going to be more effective if your target audience is between the ages of 35-64. Other types of advertising such as television adverts (if you have the budget), Public speaking, Flyers and posters and event sponsorship can be effective if done in the correct way.

How to make advertising effective?

Everyone’s marketing plan will be different. It is something that needs to represent your brand but following some basic guidelines will help you get on your way. Firstly, make sure you figure what you’d like to get out of the advertisement. Once you’ve locked down the aim of the advert you should find it easier to create the memorable ad. If you’re creating a series of adverts, make sure they’re consistent in the branding and message people will be more likely to remember the advert if they see repetition.

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