Digital updates about the Corona Virus on websites

Digital updates about the Corona Virus on websites

It may feel like it’s all anyone is talking about COVID-19 this month, and that the usual lead up to Easter and Mother’s Day topics are fading into the background.  As the country begins to deal with the potential disruption it is up to businesses to plan how they will cope and put suitable measures in place. The advice is be prepared, stay informed and inform others.

In some cases, this is just a case of reassuring people that you are taking it seriously and that you do have the right measures in place.

Some businesses are releasing statements to give information or advice to anyone unsure. Hospitals and healthcare settings are on alert with information being added to the home pages of clinics. A document has been created for dental care settings; however, no advice has been given for other clinics such as Aesthetic or Beauty Clinics. Some categories of business have been given directions.

The NHS and government websites have reacted quickly to provide resources to point to for people to get advice.


What should you do, and how should you inform people?  

Information on your policy and that you are following all the necessary precautions should be available on and offline. Many businesses are adding this to their homepage and linking to a dedicated page in their website.

What to do if patients/clients feel ill, should they come to an appointment?

Be clear about getting information and point people to the correct information to establish what they need to do if they think they are affected.

Will your cancelation policy change?

Give clear information about cancelations and appointment changes where illness is suspected. You will need to review the current policy.



Here are some resources to quickly point you in the right direction

  1. Know the Symptoms

  2. Stay up to date with the latest information – not the hype.

Subscribe to get the updates on any issues that may affect you or your business here is the web page offering the latest information about the situation in the UK, including guidance, publications and government announcements.

  1. Be clear on what the situation is in your location and in your business sector.

To access the latest information on the current Coronavirus situation in the UK and information on the outbreak stay ahead of what is in the news.

  1. Be clear on what needs to be communicated to staff.

Guidance for employers and businesses

Information to help when providing advice to your staff on coronavirus, handling absence from work and minimising risk in your workplace.

If someone suspected to have the virus has come into contact with your business offices/place of work, contact your local Health Protection Team for guidance.

ACAS have also produced guidance for employers and employees:

Different businesses will need to take different actions

Depending on what your business is you may need to consider decontamination and cleaning. 

Coronavirus: decontamination in non-healthcare settings

Guidance on cleaning and decontamination for workplaces, offices, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, student accommodation and other non-healthcare settings.


Current guidance for British people travelling or living overseas following the outbreak of coronavirus.