Free Marketing Tools For A Start-Up Business

free marketing tools

Start-up businesses are usually in a bit of a catch 22. Most start-ups put more money in than they get back at the beginning, this often means there’s very little left over for marketing software.

When it comes to marketing, ideally you’d be looking for free tools while you get yourself off the ground.

Google Analytics

This is a free web analytics service, which is easy to link to your website. It allows you to report and track website traffic. It also allows you to set goals for your business such as;

  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • See who views a specific
  • See how many people download a particular file etc

When it comes to SEO, while Google Analytics isn’t as informative as other software’s, but it’s free!

Google Analytics allows you to view only ‘Organic Searches’ where you will be able to see your top landing pages for search traffic, the search terms used by people to come across your website, top exit pages and more.

Another perk of Google Analytics is looking at bounce rates and seeing which pages people are jumping off, this will allow you to make changes online to improve the customer web journey and hopefully lead to more conversions.

In analytics you can check your page speeds (behavior> site speed> page timings). While this is one thing that is often missed by SEO’s, it plays a major factor in search rankings; therefore identifying these issues will allow you to get them resolved.


Whether you’re looking to set up some Google ad campaigns or not, it’s worth setting up an Adwords account to gain access to their free Keyword Planner.

With the Keyword Planner, you can choose ‘Get search volume, data and trends’ and by clicking ‘keyword ideas’, you can get an idea on what search terms or keywords that are high traffic. This way is more cost effective than many SEO software’s since it’s free.

Google Search Console

Search Console is another free software and is pretty important when it comes to SEO.  This platform allows you to request crawls from Google and also highlights any site crawl errors, if your sitemaps are working and for SEO, you can view a list of keywords related to your site.

Yoast SEO

If you use a WordPress site, one plugin I can’t give enough praise to is Yoast SEO, again this software also has a free version.

Yoast is a bit like an onsite advisor; it can assist with content marketers to the technical marketers. It allows you to bulk edit title tags, meta descriptions and more. Also when you’re writing an article, it gives you bullet points that are simple to follow to allow you to change your content to improve your SEO score on your articles and pages.


Hootsuite is great for new businesses and again is free providing you don’t hit their accounts limit.

Hootsuite allows you to add all your business social accounts to one platform and allows you to manage them all from this one source. With Hootsuite you can also schedule posts for all the social platforms.


‘Help a reporter out’ has to be one of my favourite little free tools when it comes to markerting. It’s a great place to get PR leads for free!

Despite them sending a fair few emails, it’s still great. It works by sending three emails a day with a long list of journalist enquiries. It’s easier enough to scan and email the journalist’s with brief pitches as to why you should feature on their blog or in their print publications.

There’s many more free tools, but starting with the essentials is important to assist with your marketing in the early days.

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