Is Twitter a dying network?

Since Twitter started back in 2006, people loved following famous people and seeing what they had to say. It became the network where people stayed up to date with the latest trends.

For businesses, Twitter also became another network where they could connect with potential customers and interact with them.

However, while it rose to popularity quite quickly, 13 years later, a lot of the Twitter hype has died down and people are becoming less interested in this social network.

Pros of Twitter

Twitter, like many social networks, has its pros and cons. The first benefit and the simplest one is that it’s easy to use, it doesn’t take long to learn how to craft a ‘tweet’ to your followers.

Another pro, especially for businesses, is the Twitter analytics. This tool helps you to analyse your impact on your target audience and it allows you to boost your brand/business.

These are a few examples of why Twitter is good, yet like most things it does have its faults.

Cons of Twitter

Twitter is busy, with approximately 340 million tweets per day, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to make sure your tweets don’t get missed. However, you also need to be careful you aren’t spamming everyone. It does take some time to get used to a rhythm of interacting in an effective way, but who has the time?

The 140-character limit can be a hindrance to some people. However, some people do prefer the character limit as means people generally get to the point a lot quicker.

For businesses, it can often be difficult dealing with the character limit as you often have to have more to say. This is further hindered when social networks like Instagram and Facebook have a higher character limit, making it easier to interact and get your message across on them. As a result, it can feel like you give Twitter more than you get out of it.

Another con is that some people are impatient and expect to have a speedy response from businesses on Twitter. Yet, running a business effectively, big or small, means you don’t have time to give your undivided attention to these people on Twitter. Which will lead to a slow growing social platforms and often people unfollowing you.

As a business on Twitter, it can also be difficult to grow and reach out to local audiences unlike other social networks like Facebook. Therefore, this may put off local businesses from using Twitter and instead direct their focus to other social networks where they get more from the time and energy they’ve spent.

If you’re unsure if Twitter is right for your business or not, it’s always worth setting up an account and testing it over a good time period. Setting up an account is free and every business should take the opportunity to get their business seen in as many places as possible.

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