Planning your social media

 Stop mindless social media posting!

Today social media is as important as ever for a business. It allows you to interact with customers and clients, post fun and engaging pictures and videos and allows you give you company a personality and style. It’s important to keep it consistent, when posting on social media, not doing it whilst you are not busy then dropping off when other things come up. Keep the content consistent too, create your own online persona, you would think this is easy, yet not everyone does this.

We have seen examples where companies post consistent and engaging content for the first two months of setting up social media. This is because they have something new to talk about and share.

Yet, this tails off and then you wake up one morning and Facebook has sent you a notification that you haven’t posted in over a week, you sit there, panic and think about what to post. Some people will then do an inspirational quote, or find any old picture and post it – If this sounds familiar STOP

We appreciate that planning social media isn’t high on your to-do list, especially if you are a small business. You are the sales the HR the accounts and the marketing!  But, setting aside one day a month to create some good targeted posts that can be schedule will mean it’s one less thing to worry about.

How to get inspiration?

Some people may find this part easier than others. One trick we have found works to spark inspiration is looking at awareness days. If you google ‘special awareness days in June’ for example, you’ll find all sorts of ‘special’ days some more important than others, but it is something to start with.

You can relate what you are doing to the seasons, what is happening in the world and specifically in your line of business.

Go through the days that you’d be able to relate to and you may be able to create a few posts from that or perhaps write a blog about it.

The planning part

Once you have sorted out what you want to post now comes the planning part. Decide how many times a week you will post. We suggest 2-3 a week, don’t over post people will likely unfollow you.

There are lots of planning tools, but you can keep it simple. Make a spreadsheet with all the days of the month on and start to add what you will post on certain days. You can even write the caption you want to put with it so you can copy and paste it when scheduling. Think about trends and # that are currently trending.

Scheduling the posts

Scheduling posts on Facebook is easy and it’s an amazing tool. You can schedule a whole month of posts and not have to worry about getting that dreaded ‘you haven’t posted in a while’ notification.

For Instagram and Twitter, it is a little different as you can’t schedule posts on either platform. You could use a schedule tool like Hootsuite, but we find posts do better if we post them directly in each platform. As you already have posts created and the caption you want to put already written you can post at the time you need to, and it’ll take less than 5 minutes.

An example of some awareness and special days coming up in July are national picnic month, berry month, anti-boredom month, children’s art day and national chocolate day.

Discover more awareness days and special days.

Social media isn’t anything scary when you take control of it. It may take some time to get a rhythm on what to post, soon you’ll be able to come up with topics to talk about and engaging pictures to post.

If you need any help setting up social media or understanding how to use it contact us.