Approaching the unapproachable – Medical Marketing

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At Guardian Angels Marketing, we love a challenge, which is why our marketing specialism focuses on the medical and pharmaceuticals sector.

While we have clients from various medical related sectors (aesthetics, dermatology and lasers), we have also recently taken on a new and exciting client within the fast emerging market of cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil industry in the UK currently walks a fine line of not knowing what they’re legally allowed to say, to not understanding how to market a product that is wrapped up in so many layers of regulations.

As cannabis oil isn’t a prescription medication, it is to be sold as a food supplement and isn’t allowed to be promoted for medicinal purposes. However, with all the rules in place, combatting the stigma of cannabis as an illegal drug can often leave some companies exhausting all forms of marketing and still feeling a little lost.

This is something C Wellness UK and Cannabis Clinics UK know all too well, which is why they came to us for help. Luckily for them, all of our staff come from backgrounds in medical marketing and are very much used to working within the constraints of the law, while also creating and implementing strong marketing strategies to meet these constraints the right way.

This is a new challenge, not only to the marketing world, but also to the country as a whole. People have known cannabis to be illegal and have always been told it’s dangerous, but all of a sudden, new information starts emerging about the benefits of CBD or cannabis oil is leaving people a little confused.

“Marketing for the cannabis industry is truly unique. Not only do you have to work within tight laws and regulations, but you’re also trying to change people’s perspective on a drug they’ve known as dangerous for years, which means the key to marketing an account like this is educate, inform and engage the audience.

They have a lot of questions about this newly emerging product and are often sceptical, but a Google search isn’t the answer in this case as there are very few sources that know the answer, even politicians are struggling to figure out what to do”. Cassie Cain: Marketing Manager

As this market progresses, more and more new medical studies and research are emerging, highlighting the proven benefits of CBD Oil for a wide range of medical conditions.

With more information comes more interest, particularly from the people who suffer from medical conditions. As more people become informed, the demand on doctors and pharmacists for prescribed cannabis oil will increase.

In this era, people generally prefer to go for more natural products, whether it be food, or opting to not use plastic or looking for more natural healing methods instead of prescription medication.

As a result of this, C Wellness UK focuses more on educating people, however, they also educate and offer training to doctors and pharmacists about Cannabis oil through its sister company Cannabis Clinic UK.

Cannabis Clinic UK focuses its marketing and services on pharmacists and doctors, as there appears to be a lack of knowledge on cannabis oil.

Many pharmacists and doctors are not aware that cannabis products have been used in the NHS for many years, a good example of this is Sativex, which is licensed for use in spasticity in MS, but it’s also used off-license for a great number of other conditions.

The education and marketing to doctors and pharmacists is as fundamental as it is to consumers. Pharmacists and doctors are the decision makers of prescriptions and they offer advice on what would work best for each person’s condition.

They are also the experts’ many people go to for medication advice. However, unless a doctor or pharmacist takes a special interest in the field of medicinal cannabis, they generally seem to have very little understanding of cannabis oil. We strongly believe that further learning and training is important to the B2B sector as it is to the B2C.

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