How to be seen on Google Maps

Have you wondered how your website can make more of an appearance on the Googles maps search page? Or how you can get more traffic on your website? Google My Business is the answer you are looking for. It’s a simple layout and easy to use platform allows any business, big or small to engage with their customers more and gain more attention.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is something that all businesses use. Whether it’s a small start-up, or a large corporation, it benefits everyone. GMB enables you to manage how your business appears on google maps search. This includes adding a location, opening hours, adding photos and posts. Your Google profile will help to engage with your customers better and you’ll be able to see where and how people are searching for you.

How does it work?

Once you have your GMB profile set up you’ll need to start adding content to it. This can consist of putting images of services/products you provide, items you make and your location. The more images the better. By posting updates about your business it will give customers a reason to come and visit your website. You can show reviews from previous customers and receive notifications when you get a new review. Added to this GMB provides insights so you can see how people are searching for you and what they searched to reach you.

Another great feature the Google My Business platform offers is the chance to create a free website. It is a simple website that you can choose to create yourself. This feature is perfect for small businesses starting off who want to create a simple website to post all their content.

How will it benefit your business?

There are many benefits to using Google My Business to boost your business. It can help to interact with your customers. You can understand and expand your presence and manage your information.

If you own a mobile business such as plumbing or electrical work, Google My Business can still benefit you. Google has recently added a new feature to the GMB platform where you can now show all the areas your services cover instead of the one fixed area.

Google My Business is a wonderful tool to use for either small businesses or big corporations. With millions of businesses around the world using Google My Business it can’t hurt to give it a try.

The disadvantages

If you are using the platform you need to keep it up to date as it works in real time so if a customer is searching on Google, they can see that you are “open now” or closed and even how busy you are at different times. It lists contacts and opening hours. If these are wrong and need updating it can cause frustration. There are features to add special opening times at different times of year for example over Christmas.

If you don’t use the platform Google may create a listing and add its own images which can also be a disadvantage if the google maps image for your address is less than attractive.

Our advice – use it and use it well.

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