Talking about Google

Over the weekend I presented at FACE after a few years of missing the conference. It’s in Westminster, London and the view of Westminster Abbey from the venue is unmissable. It is a conference which brings together the science and business of Aesthetic Medicine, with over 130 speakers on 5 different agendas over two days its packed with information.

A lecture at an event like this is tricky. It’s 20 minutes and with the topic being ‘google’ the information changes all the time. A bit like eating an elephant, I decided to do it in small pieces. I thought about what the biggest differences are you can make to a business in Google.

Writing a talk is always best from scratch. It takes longer to rejig one you have used before that was for a different audience. If you try and use an existing one you may want to use information that’s not right, even though you may think its good! A focused talk is perfect with no more than 30 slides for 20 minutes. I don’t tend to read off PowerPoint slides, but people like to photograph the information.

First things first –  the title

‘Instant Ways to improve your organic SEO and get found on Google maps.’

I used the title as an answer to one of the most common questions people ask us. I used instant because no one want to hear about tips and tricks that takes 12 months to impact a business.

“How can I rank better in Google?” and “How do I show up on the map in google?” are the other common questions posed to us.

Online Personas

For me creating an online persona is important, one has to appear consistent and give the same message across all platforms. I meet a lot of companies that are yet to discover an online personality which works across all the different platforms we use.

The persona involves being accurate about location and the type of work you do. It shouldn’t be an SEO agency in one part of Google and a Graphic design agency in another. The address should have the same format as Google needs to know exactly where you are. A business at 21 A street isn’t the same as the one at 21-23 A street to an algorithm.

In aesthetics the business is about making people look and feel better. Looks are important, but according to the previous speaker Dr Stephanie Williams there are stages and steps to achieve this. For example you wouldn’t go straight to surgical correction without first making the foundations right. The same is true online. The ground work needs doing first and it’s the bit people don’t see.

What the customer sees and what google sees are two completely different things. We see images text and messages where as, Google sees code tags and labels

If the code is badly arranged and things are not labelled in the right order, then Google can’t find it when we search. A website may look clean and slick to us, but not to google.

How can we appeal to both, giving a great user experience and satisfying google with complex algorithms.


Google is an algorithm with the ability to learn. Google have also created the most complex artificial inelegant chess master the world has ever seen. It can beat all the human chess masters and all the software chess masters. It did this after learning the game for a day!

Back to the Google we know. Around the world people make 3.5 Billion searches every day in Google and its still growing at 10% a year. There are more searches using more than 4 words. Think about how you search for anything, typing in words and then changing to narrow the categories. Every year 16% of the searches are totally new and Google has to “learn”

It’s fast too. The average search is less than a minute. Add the impatience of human nature, we will only wait about 3 seconds for something to load before moving on!

In my talk I discussed at length the different elements that contribute to Google, Local searches, snippets, shopping, maps, Images and Videos. I will discuss these more in the next blogs.

Cutting to the chase and sharing the tips

After time reviewing the elements in detail. I wanted to share what the main instant things that can change your appearance in Google. The top 5 things are;

o Website Speed has to be under 4 seconds.

o Labels and positions in Maps (Check consistency)

o Make sure all Google partners are set up correctly (Check consistency)

o Create relevant content and images/videos.

o Labels Tags and Links must be right for google to see your good stuff

There are so many things people can do to improve their google presence and rating. Some things will be instant and will be as simple as checking your website speed, some may take time and you may need a little patience. If you want your website and business to thrive take time to check these things, you may seen an improvement in your website traffic and sales.

If you need anymore advice on getting noticed in google, please contact us