Why is SEO important?

Why is seo important

Why is SEO Important? – Simplified for a business in 2018 

SEO is not what it was. We have progressed over the last couple of years by monitoring the trends in organic searches. We have been listening to Google and this led me to think what is it now that gives businesses a better ranking, is it totally down to strategy and investment?

Well firstly SEO is becoming less of a mystical science that geeks knew about. It is still about keywords and algorithms. But Google is changing its coming of age it is focused on the users experience and ability to find what they are searching for.

The whole search process has become more complex and Google has matured into a different platform.

So what is the best way to Rank a website NOW compared to two years ago?


Google just wants better quality content, not just pages and blogs with keywords listed over and over again. Content has become the most important property of a webpage. Google has got better at measuring the quality of content, they can get it wrong but they are improving it all the time hence they keep update algorithms.

Less is more

We believe that because of the impact of mobile phone usage has impacted hugely. Having your information presented concisely is key. Having fewer better pages is better than having many lower quality pages. When we rebuild websites we don’t cut content but we certainly prune them!

Some people have become over simplified however and that’s a problem to those customers at the research stage when they are in fact hungry for the whole story. A website needs to have both functions.

Brings me nicely to user experience  

User Experience 

A website where you have a fast and trouble free navigation is so much cooler than a slow loading complex one. Users have grown more and more impatient for that instant answer.

But what about those all-important links?

Links are still valid as long as they add value so here’s an example. Your business is featured in an article locally and the media links to your website – NICE. Conversely a company doing your SEO links to a pointless directory this used to be considered the same value – now it’s not. Over time this now does nothing to the site and results in a downward trend.


There are more sites with people with more skill out there. You need a plan and you need to keep doing the good things to firstly rate in google but also to stop slipping

Google UI

Google expands its interfaces at a rate many people can’t keep up with. We now have predictive search recommendation boxes that anticipate what we are looking for based on our habits and the rest of the worlds habits. It has local geotags which help you to discover local providers in Google my business. The latest is asking Alexa, Siri and Google to find you what you are looking for. Voice commands are different to searches with a keypad which is different to  a search on a touchscreen phone. This means keywords get more specific.

Design and graphics 

To a degree Google does not measure design so much it measures user experience. It likes images correctly labelled and relevant. The difference in design comes from how the user sees it. If the design is right for your customer segment they will continue to look deeper and Google likes that. People will linger if they like the site, perhaps reading more. It depends on your business, home interiors and healthcare will have different styles both can be beautiful designs but they will not be the same.


In short give your users the best experience whether your site is informational, a shop or any other platform

  •   Be Meaningful
  •   Be Concise
  •   Be Different
  •   Be Relevant
  •   Be Consistant

 In a Nutshell

To get where you are in business took you a lot of work to stay where you are takes more. To grow a business is harder now than ever because it includes so many different options and strategies. The competition is higher and often you need to change what you are doing.

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