Getting serious about Facebook

With the world of social media growing daily more businesses are turning to platforms like Facebook to bring in new customers and to keep people engaged and up to date. It may seem as though using Facebook for a business is difficult but that is far from the truth.

Why should I use Facebook?

Many businesses already use Facebook to its full potential. Yet, some businesses don’t feel as though they are the right business to use Facebook, that is not entirely true! Any business can use it.

Facebook is a powerful way to communicate with old customers, current customers and potential new ones. It allows people to preview your products or services which will encourage them to visit your site. It makes it easier to attract people to upcoming events you are doing or special offers you may be doing.

Facebook Insights provide information about your follows and their interactions on your page. It is surprising how much you can find out about your follows through their interactions, comments and feedback. All this information you gather will help to narrow down your target audience and create a better marketing plan to gain even more followers.

Is it still popular?

Today Facebook has released their updated user information. Their statistics say that there are currently 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users. There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users. Another interesting statistic realised is people spend an average of 20 minutes visiting Facebook. This type of statistic is crucial to know as it means you have less time than you think to make your impression. Think about effective content that will catch a person’s eye in those 20 minutes.

How can I reach more people?

It can be scary putting your business out there and promoting it, but once you do the first one the rest will be easy, and you’ll start to see the difference it makes. It offers some options on how you can reach customers these are; posts, ads, events, Facebook messenger, Facebook live and boosting posts.

There isn’t a set template on what you should post about or what ads you should do. You have to create ones that represent your business and who you are. Making posts unique will catch people’s eye and draw them to your page, then website, then products and services.

Facebook is a great tool to use for marketing, why don’t you give it try today and see how your business can benefit.


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