Women Run Businesses

International Women’s Day 2020

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day (IWD). This year the theme is ‘Each for Equal’, highlighting that each one of us can fight stereotypes, improve situations for everyone and celebrate the achievements of all women from all over the world!

As a business primarily run by women (sorry guys), we wanted to talk about how its time women stood up and spoke out about their achievements and ideas within business. Its common that we don’t shout enough about the achievements we have made.

Businesses ran by women

Unfortunately, we talk a lot about ‘inspirational people’ who have started their own business and became hugely successful. These are commonly men like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs or Walt Disney. But times are changing

Yet, some of the most prominent and successful businesses have women running or owning them, but most people don’t know that. Here are some of the amazing women who have successfully started or run their own business.

Inspirational Women

Susan Wojcicki

Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube and has been since 2014, she also co-founded Google and was responsible for the designing and building of the analytic and advertising products Google has to offer.

Lindsay Ostrom 

Ostrom started Pinch of Yum as a hobby but managed to turn into a successful and growing business. She has millions of recipes for people to try. If you have a hobby that you think people will benefit from, why not share it.

Madison Nicole Robinson 

Robinson was only 8 years old when she created ‘FishFlops’ and now she sells thousands along with an entire footwear line and a clothing line. She has also recently won the 2020 Wonder Woman Award for rising star/independent. This just shows that if you have a good idea and work hard it’ll pay off.

Charlotte Pearce 

Pearce is the CEO and Founder of InkPact. InkPact is an online platform that allow brands to build a better relationship with their customers through hand written notes. She is a keynote speaker giving inspirational talks on all things to do with business.

Lesley Reynolds 

Reynolds is a skincare and beauty specialist, who’s been working no anti-aging treatments for 20 years. She was one of the first people to introduce cosmeceutical products to the UK market. Reynolds co-founded The Harley Street Skin Clinic 10 years ago.

Jane Kellock

Kellock had the idea of her business when she was 56. Unique Style Platform is a world class forecasting service for fashion and lifestyle. She runs a blog and podcast talking about all things fashion and styling at any age. Kellock shows that no matter what your age you can still create a huge successful business if you put your mind to it!

There is still many women who own and run successful business that people don’t know about, it’s time we changed that.

Positives for Women Entrepreneurs

Most women will tell you that, unfortunately, in the past our ideas are either stolen or dismissed. Now, it’s time for change, it’s time for more and more women to leave their mediocre job and start something amazing. It’s time for stay at home mums to stay at home but still run a successful business. It’s a time when a woman creating a dream job for herself is going to be easier.

One aspect that is going to make starting your own business that whole lot easier is the ‘Rose Review’. Bank chief Alison Rose is on a mission to support female entrepreneurs. The aim of this entire campaign is to boost the amount of female entrepreneurs and close the gap between men and women entrepreneurs. Read the full article here.

Starting a business and taking that leap is hard and often scares us into not doing it. Make that change this year, don’t let fear stop you into creating what you want to do. Find out more about our business and how we can help you, click here