Marketing Pharmaceuticals

Marketing Pharmaceuticals is a difficult challenge for many pharmaceutical companies. Not only are there many rules and regulations in place to stop companies advertising prescription or non-prescription drugs, but it also seems that pharmaceutical companies are rapidly losing the ability to understand and influence their customers.

At Guardian Angels Marketing, we help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with a wide range of marketing services and medical communications.

We understand that for small and large companies in this particular industry, the biggest challenge is standing out amongst the crowd in a highly competitive industry and we can help you achieve this.

All our staff have vast experience in marketing and working closely with pharmaceuticals and medical related companies. We know that while one marketing strategy will work great for one company, it may not work for another. Which is why we create and tailor each marketing strategy to each individual product or business.

It’s important to note that we will only work with products that can legally be prescribed or sold as a ‘food supplement’.

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Our Services

SEO marketing agency medical marketing healthcare . Preston, chorley, manchester
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very specialised form of marketing, particularly for medical and pharmaceutical companies.
SEO is the process of improving your website’s search visibility in Google. Basically, it’s the results Google return when you type keywords into the Google search bar. Ideally, you want to be showing first or at least on the first page for as many search terms as possible.
A website is the face of your brand online. Therefore, it’s important when considering a new website that it matches your brand perfectly and is also built SEO ready.
The websites we create all have a clean and crisp design that suits each of our client’s target audience perfectly. We aim to make each website’s customer web journey as simple, engaging and as easy to use as possible.
social media marketing medical . healthcare . pharmaceutical
Social Media has fast become one of the popular forms of online marketing and there’s a good reason for this.
Facebook alone has more than one billion people using. Instagram has more than 100 million people online and Twitter has 261million users. Now that’s a lot of people!
We create and implement strong social media marketing plans that include a unique and varied content calendar. Our aim is to create videos, engaging content and imagery so that your social media stands out from the crowd.
Marketing pharmaceuticals on social can be difficult, Facebook, in particular, has a lot of regulations on what you can and can’t advertise.
For example, if you’re looking to advertise ‘Botox’, this would be instantly banned. The advert will not receive approval as Botox is a prescription medication.
Another example is uploading images or videos that show too much skin. Literally, too much visible skin on even the legs is unlikely to receive approval. Therefore, it’s important to find a marketing company that understands how to advertise online.
Google receives over 3.5billion of internet searches daily, so it’s no wonder why Adwords is a great tool to use.
Adwords isn’t for every business and with pharmaceuticals, you may not be able to market certain products. treatments or web pages. Which is why you need a marketing company that understands this.
We build web pages with SEO and Adwords in mind. If for whatever reason we can’t use Adwords for your website, we will build separate landing pages for Adwords with their sole purpose and goal of client conversions.
CONTENT MARKETING CONTENT MARKETING AGENCY. MEDICAL MARKETING . preston . ,manchester . lancashire . chorley
Our content marketing follows a content calendar that we create and implement. The purpose of a content calendar is to build up SEO, create exciting and engaging content. As well as publishing a wide range of different content types. i.e videos, graphics, polls and Articles.
The content calendar aims to continually keep the audience interested and engaged with each client’s brand.
PR agency . medical PR agency . Preston . Wigan . Chorley . Lancashire . Manchester
We offer two different types of PR. The first type of PR solely aims to gain good quality backlinks for SEO purposes.
The second type of PR is to build awareness for your brand, this can be through print media or online.
GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY . freelance graphic designers . lancashire . marketing agency . manchester . chorley . preston
Our graphic designers are highly talented and understand the marketing of pharmaceuticals very well.
Making a first impression is always important for any business and your graphics play a huge role in first impressions. From receiving a business card or leaflet to simply having a memorable logo, your graphics are key to who you are as a brand.
email marketing . marketing agency . email marketing for medical companies
Email marketing is a very skilled marketing technique and one form of marketing that isn’t as popular as the others. However, when done correctly, it can become one of the leading marketing platforms.
Since the new GDPR laws have come into play, many businesses feel they can’t utilise email marketing anymore, but this isn’t the case. It’s all about creating and managing strong email campaigns to your new GDPR list of LOYAL customers.
OFFLINE MARKETINg agency . chorley . lancashire . wigan . preston . medical marketing company
Offline marketing includes any marketing that isn’t published online. This could be setting up and managing events. Creating large graphics for buses and other signage.
Although offline marketing isn’t as popular as online marketing these days, it’s just as vital. Networking, in particular, is a great way of meeting new potential clients.

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