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Many of our clients have come to us after trying to set up an AdWords / Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on their own. Not realising that managing a campaign like this takes a lot of time and a specialised skill set to drive real business growth. If you are one of these people we applaud your efforts.

At Guardian Angels, our experience covers each of these, ensuring your website ranks well in the SERPs and drives traffic to your website. As a digital agency, our search marketing strategies consider consumer needs and the intent behind their searches.

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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

For those with very little understanding on Pay Per Click (PPC), knowing what PPC is will help you understand the basics.

PPC stands for pay-per-click and it’s a form of digital marketing in which advertisers pay a fee for each click they receive on their paid ads.

AdWords or ‘Google Ad’s operate on a Pay Per Click model, this means that users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements.

Every time someone types a search term into Google’s search bar, Google looks at the pool of advertisers and chooses which adverts are most relevant for that search.

Google will choose which adverts will appear based on a combination of factors. These factors can include:

  • Quality and relevance of the keywords
  • The relevance of the advert’s text
  • Keyword bid
  • Quality and relevance of the landing page

Why use Google Ads (Google Adwords)?

AdWords is the most popular type of PPC platform as Google currently dominates the search engine market. In a report conducted in January 2018, 75% of the overall online searches came from Google, compared to the 8% from Bing. Which is why many advertisers solely use the Google AdWords for their PPC campaigns.

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AdWords Express vs AdWords

On Google, you can set up two different types of Ad accounts, one is AdWords Express and the other is AdWords. AdWords offers the user full control of the account and allows pretty much all aspects of the campaign to be fully managed by the user.

Express is a simplified version of AdWords. While it’s a lot simpler to set up, it doesn’t allow the user full control. On express, Google will automatically manage your AdWords Express adverts without the need for daily management or tasks.

Unfortunately, while AdWords Express can produce some good results, it’s far too limited, which is why we use AdWords for our client’s PPC campaigns.

If you’re currently using AdWords Express for your business, we will move it over to AdWords. This is so that we can take your business to the next level of your paid search campaign while being as cost-effective as possible.

Can I do AdWords instead of SEO?

SEO and Google Ads are two very different types of marketing. It’s important not to confuse them with each other as SEO focuses on the long-term, whereas AdWords focuses on the ‘now’.

PPC is a great option for your business if your SEO requires work. However, SEO and content is the most powerful tool in marketing and it’s the most profitable form of marketing in the long-term.

The issue with SEO is that it requires patience. Depending on your industry and competition, it can sometimes take years to improve a search engine ranking that generates a significant amount of traffic.

Paid advertising is the opposite of SEO as you can get it up and running in less than an hour and when done right, you can start generating traffic the very same day. Although this does come at a cost.

You may have heard a myth that setting up an AdWord campaign will help improve your SEO. However, this is not the case. Paid search advertising does not directly affect or improve your organic ranking. Google has a strong line between the paid results and organic search results and there’s little to no crossover between the two.

Some people can argue that paid advertising allows customers who have been previously exposed to the brand via adverts to be more likely to revisit the site. While this is likely true, it still wouldn’t increase your overall organic SEO ranking.

Can I improve my SEO whilst running AdWords?

At Guardian Angels Marketing, we use AdWords whilst building our clients organic search presence (SEO). We do this as SEO is the long-term solution and the more cost-effective solution in the long-run, but developing a good SEO ranking can take time. During this time, we can use AdWords to create the immediate search results and traffic your business needs.

As your SEO ranking increases, your AdWords budget will slowly decrease. Once you get to a point where your SEO is generating a significant amount of traffic, we can then turn AdWords off or assign the budget to other forms of advertising such as social media marketing.

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How do we create successful PPC campaigns?

There are many different aspects to creating a successful PPC campaign, however, the basic principles are as follows:

Establish your campaign goals

There are many different types of campaigns you can set up in Google. Therefore, you will need to understand what you want to use AdWords for, i.e lead generation, E-commerce, Brand awareness, video views etc.

Understand Your Audience

Do you understand your target audience? Developing an audience profile is important as you need to create an appealing advert that will not only stand out from your competitors but also make your target audience want to visit your website.

Budgets and Bids

Figuring out your AdWords budget can be difficult, especially as you won’t know the ROI straight-away. We always start off with a small AdWords budget- enough to get you traffic, but not too much that you’re wasting money. This low budget will increase as we get more data as we need to know what’s working and what’s not. Once we have enough data and Google is out of the ‘learning’ stage, we will then discuss increasing the budget.


Prior to setting up any PPC campaign, you need to figure out what keywords apply to your campaign. We will often spend quite a bit of time on the keyword stage as it’s important to bid on keywords only relevant to your business.

Landing pages and Quality Score

Landing pages are one of those things that people don’t pay attention to with AdWords. However, if your landing page content isn’t relevant to the content in your paid advert or your keywords, you will see some red text next to certain keywords that say ‘low-quality score’, this means that it’s unlikely that your advert will show for those keywords.

Before we set up any paid search campaigns, we will always look at the landing page. If the content or design is poor, we will rewrite that content or create a different landing page and design that will improve the customer web journey and the quality of information on the page. This, in turn, will improve your quality score on AdWords.


We have a very good record of generating successful paid campaigns that are cost-effective with high click-through-rates (CTR).

How do I get in touch?

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